AA, is a 13-year-old young boy of Thai descent. AA has been admitted to the emergency room with chest tightness, shortness of breath, and wheezing. He had been playing basketball with his friends. AA has a history of asthma. His peak flow meter reading is 180. His normal is 425. His pulse oximetry is 90% on room air. His family members have alternately had “colds”. AA used his Serevent inhaler at home prior to coming to the hospital but is not using it on a regular basis due to his mother utilizing alternative therapies to manage AA’s asthma. His parents have accompanied him to the emergency room and speak limited English.

1. Discuss the specific respiratory assessment to the young boy, AA.
2. Explain the health education that the nurse would give to the AA and family members at the time of treatment commenced.

Answers to Above Questions on Respiratory Nursing

Answer 1: An analysis on the given case study on 13 year old boy AA indicates that the respiratory assessment should be carried out in a chronological way by getting the patient history initially followed by performing a symptom assessment, then a physical examination, and performing communication with the patient, providing treatment and monitoring and finally follow up.


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