The national immunization program in Malaysia is initiated to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Discuss the current, malaysian National immunization schedule for infants and children (from birth till school age)

Answer to Above Question

The national immunization program in Malaysia is designed with the objective of making sure that none of the children is faced with any kind of major diseases. The kind of immunization programs are implemented by the government and the Malaysian National Immunization program was first introduced in the 1950s. Since 2010, the Malaysian government has implemented a National School based HPV immunization program. The main purpose of this program is to fully subsidize vaccines to 13 years old girls in Secondary Schools in a two dose regimen. In addition to this, covid-19 vaccination for children (PICKids) ages between 5 to 11 years have also been started in February 2022. As a part of this immunization program, two doses were given at least 21 days apart.


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