1. A new gardening tool start-up company is looking to embrace digital marketing to reach out and expand its business. Evaluate 4 social media platforms and justify how they would be able to create marketing impact for the business. (25 marks)

2. Evaluate challenges in customer engagement in digital marketing; and determine how Lazada can manage their customers’ expectations without personal contact. (25 marks)

3. Demonstrate and discuss how organisations can apply a customer lifecycle management strategy, based on an organisation of your choice. (25 marks)

4. Analyse the benefits and drawbacks of search engine optimisation and determine if Search Engine Optimisation is the best digital marketing tool available to modern organisations.

Answers to Above Questions on Digital Marketing

Answer 1

Marketing over the social media platform is a crucial way of reaching the target customer. There are different social media platforms available that can be utilised by businesses in order to market their products and services. For a gardening tool start-up company, the four important social media platforms that can be utilised by the business are facebook, Twitter, instagram and whatsApp.


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