Task: Take a LinkedIn Learning course and write a critical reflection of your learning.
In this assignment you will be writing a critical reflection based on what you have learnt in week 1 and week 2 as well as watching the LinkedIn Learning module of Management Excellence at Microsoft: Model, Coach, Care.

Steps to follow: Please follow the following steps each week to complete the assessment in a timely manner.
● Week 1: Create a LinkedIn profile and reflect on week 1 learning
○ Refer to this short tutorial on how to make a LinkedIn account, make sure you use your Monash email for this purpose.
○ Watch this short video to learn how to do critical reflection and then write a short journal-style entry to jot-down whatever information you remember from Week 1’s lecture and tutorial, in your own words.
● Week 2: Update your LinkedIn profile and reflect on week 2 learning
○ Refer to this short tutorial on how to make a good LinkedIn profile. Please follow the following:
i. By creating a LinkedIn profile you are stepping into the professional world and creating your very own professional identity, therefore it is advised that you be very mindful of what you post there. Please follow the advice given in the youtube tutorial you just watched when choosing a profile picture. As for the background, think of a cause you care about, or a problem or challenge of our world you wish to solve. You could also consider looking at the Global Goals and choose one that resonates with you and choose a background picture about that.
ii. As you are a student, you might not have a lot to write in your headline. It is recommended that you at least write your student status at Monash. Besides that, if you have done anything else such as a startup or run a social media account as a professional you can add that there too.
iii. In the summary section in your profile you can talk about something of professional capacity you may have done, or talk about the major you are taking, as well as your future career aspirations so that employers in the future can know what your strengths and interests are. LinkedIn is a professional space where the voice you write will be attached to you throughout your career therefore it is recommended that you run your summary text in Grammarly to ensure there are no comprehension mistakes.
○ Watch this short video again before writing a short journal-style entry to jot-down whatever information you remember from that Week 2’s lecture and tutorial, in your own words.
● Week 3: Watch the LinkedIn Learning module and write your critical reflection of it

○ Watch the LinkedIn Learning module Management Excellence at Microsoft: Model, Coach, Care. If you are facing difficulty accessing it, please follow the instructions below:
i. Go to: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/
ii. Click on Sign-in and select “Sign in with your organizational account”
iii. Enter your Monash email address and click on Continue.(After this step, Okta should kick in and help you enrol/login even if that is the first time you are accessing the database)
iv. If you have set up your account with a link to login to your personal LinkedIn profile, you will be prompted to login to your personal LinkedIn profile.
○ Watch this short tutorial again to refresh yourself on how to write a good critical reflection.
● Week 4: Submission of assessment
○ Finalize your critical reflection, run it through Grammarly to ensure there are no comprehension mistakes and you do not lose score unnecessarily in “written communication” items. Submit your reflection to Moodle by May 8th, 2023 11:55 pm MYT.

What to include in your critical reflection?
Following the Borton’s model of critical reflection, please include the following sections in your reflection.
1. What: Summarize the information that you learnt in week 1, week 2 and the LinkedIn Learning module in your own words. Be as objective as possible.
2. So what: What was important information in all three for you as a business student?
3. Now what: Now that you know about the context of management, the evolution of management thought and how management takes place in one of the renowned contemporary organizations, explain your view of management. In other words, if you were to establish an organization in the near future what would management look like in that organization? What roles will it play? Be sure to support it with at least one of the management thoughts you learnt in week 2.
Please include the link to your LinkedIn profile at the end of your reflection.

Some points to note while writing your reflection:
● The above three points do not need to be written with a heading, or must be written in three paragraphs. Just make sure your reflection covers all three points within the word limit.
● Make sure the information you include in your reflection can be related to the content of week 1, week 2 and the LinkedIn Learning Module. Avoid adding information that cannot be tracked back to them so that you do not use up your word limit on information that does not relate to the assessment task.
● In order to better prepare for this assignment, you are recommended to write a short journal-style entry to jot-down whatever information you remember from that week’s lecture and tutorial as well as once you complete the learning module. It is better if you do this right after watching the content. This journal entry is ONLY FOR YOU to look back upon while writing the reflection and not something you need to submit.
● Since it is a reflective essay, using too many references will not leave much room for your personal standpoint to be shared. Aim to use one to three references, to support each key point you make. Whichever sources you consider for this assessment, please cite them within text and provide a reference list on a separate page (Provide this list at the end of your reflection with the heading “Bibliography/References”). There will be no grading for citation and referencing in this assessment but you are strongly encouraged to follow the standard format of APA 7th edition by following this guide.

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LinkedIn is an important social networking platform that allows job providers and job seekers to connect with each other so that each of them can benefit from it. The LinkedIn Learning Course is a great opportunity and it has resulted into significant learning in the application of this social networking site in connecting with potential employers.

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