Question 1:

The role of national cultures in shaping the organisational environment and other social institutions are today an important component in the key success factor of a business. In essence culture is embedded in everything a person does right through to a business system in an organisation.

Evaluate a business system, using a culture theory; for a firm of choice in the South East Asian region and explore how the business system is developed.

Question 2: 

Asia has been increasing its influence in the world, largely, because of China’s exceptional economic growth. A creative study of the global economy’s centre of gravity, which indicates the average location of economic activity across geographies, showcases that though, in 1980, that centre of gravity was the mid-Atlantic, by 2010, it had moved to the east of Helsinki, and, by 2050, it is predicted to be located between India and China (Quah, 2016)

With the pandemic still looming above the global economy, evaluate the factors that will shape the Asian Century in the next year 2022- 2023.

Question 3: 

Asia has started to play a growing role as a power house of world economic growth. After decades of very fast economic development, Asia contains some of the richest and largest economies in the world. Asia is at the centre of many exciting developments in various types of technology and digital innovation such as fintech.

Using an Asian technology company of choice, evaluate their growth in the Asian markets.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Management

Answer 1: 

An organisational environment is highly influenced by the national culture prevalent within the economy. This ultimately became the role model for employees working in the organisation to adapt to the prevalent cultural environment in order to contribute their maximum effort towards organisational success. An organisation that is selected for the purpose of evaluating its business system by applying a cultural theory in the South East Asian region is Singapore Airlines.

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