You are required to write an evaluative essay using established models and theories based on the effect of the pandemic on businesses in Asia.
Your topic could be based on
a. Any company, business sector, or industry of choice
b. The business topic should be in the Asian region of choice.
You are allowed to choose what specific topic or area of the relationship you wish to speak about
Assignment learning objectives are to….
1. Improve skills for analyzing and interpreting complex company, competitive, and industry environments in the Asian region
2. Apply adequate models and theories to the area you are reviewing.
It is advised to work in the following stages:
First Stage
Students will have a writing plan. In the writing plan, please describe the scope of your topic and indicate what you expect to write about. You do not need to provide any citations for this stage.
The areas can relate to the following
1. Topic? what is the area? What is the problem /challenges, of the future? (SCOPE)
2. What is the topic about? – why is it important? (References to guide)
Second Stage
Students will compile a bibliography containing at least 30 academic journal articles and/or books that relate to the topic.
Once this is complete the third stage would be the final writing stage (85%)
1. Introduction
2. Problem/Challenges/Future
– (3 major – objectives)
– Literature Review
– Example – Governance – models and how business firms in Asia will solve this problem
3. Conclude and recommend – what the objectives have stated

The report should contain the following:
(1) A cover page name and student number listed;
(2) Table of contents;
(3) Executive Summary;
(4) Statement of Discussion and terms of reference including Background / History etc.;
(5) Analysis together with the alternative theories and or models; Diagnose the right methodology in
competing, cooperating, and organizing in the Asia market
(6) Implementation/ Alternative or Contingency; your plans/contingency should look at the future of Asia
and the Asia Pacific as a place of investment
(7) List of References;
(8) Appendices (extra tables & charts not in the main body).

Answers to Above Questions

The 2019 pandemic has affected businesses worldwide, with the service sector felt the major impact from the pandemic. Businesses in some of the industries are adversely affected especially in the case of airline industry and restaurant business. The analysis in this essay focuses on the effect of pandemic on businesses in Asia and it is analysed by way of applying established models and theories.


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