Construct a table that represents the organizational level (operational, managerial, and executive) and the support from 3 different type of systems (Transaction/electronic processing system, Management information system & Decision support system). Please explain the major goal and focus as well as the HRM example of each system on its respective organizational level. (10 MARKS) 


Elaborate on the target user, focus, characteristics and example of the Transaction/electronic processing system, Management information system & Decision support system. (10 MARKS)


Before implementing your HRIS, describe the methods in identifying & evaluating vendors. (10 MARKS)


Elaborate on all FOUR IT planning stages when implementing HRIS. (10 MARKS)


Describe all THREE of HRIS application in managing HRM (10 MARKS)

SECTION B – ESSAY QUESTIONS                                                        (Total = 50 MARKS)

This section contains 2 questions. Answer ALL questions.


Explain all FIVE stages of system development life cycle. (25 MARKS)

 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Medtech paying the salesforce on a commission-only basis. What specific changes would  you recommend to John and wh


Explain the Steps in Implementing HRIS (25 MARKS)

Answer to Question 1

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