Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) emphasizes on the importance of innovation and transformation of ongoing enterprise. However, corporation management often face some central problems and challenges in managing CE let alone managing innovation.

Discuss the main problems and challenges in managing corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.  [Total: 25 marks]


It is known that an optimal strategy-structure match yields a superior performance in corporate companies. If these companies aim to create new product/business departments, optimizing the strategy-structure is a challenge. Poor organizational structure design for these departments and mismatch to corporate entrepreneurship strategy-to-structure can subjected to conflict and poor decision and innovation.

Compare strategy-organic structure and strategy-mechanistic structure and justify which structural match is suitable for the new product/business departments. Provide examples for your justifications. [Total: 25 marks]


It can be observed that Malaysia corporate companies do not encourage the formation of internal corporate entrepreneurship (ICE). The formation of ICE requires top management commitment to overcome 6 obstacles or constraints before nominating the right people in the ICE team.

Assuming you are working as an assistant to the top management of a Malaysia corporate company. Determine the processes to overcome four (4) of these constraints. Recommend when the top management to launch the ICE. [Total: 25 marks]


According to Kuratko, Morris, and Covin. (2018) the three dimensions of organizational innovation consist of innovativeness, risk taking and proactiveness. Associated with these three dimensions, corporate companies adopt innovation portfolio initiatives do not rely on one quadrant of the innovation matrix for products or services innovation.

Discuss how corporate companies evaluate the four (4) quadrants of the innovation matrix in relation to the three dimensions of innovation. Support your answers with relevant examples. [Total: 25 marks]

Answers to Above Questions on Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Answer 1: Corporate entrepreneurship is all about creation of new products or services within an organisation with the objective of achieving higher revenue growth through entrepreneurial actions. Corporate innovation on the other hand is an ideology that emphasizes on fostering out-of-the-box thinking in the corporate environment. It is therefore the process of offering something new which is not available in the market with the objective of achieving growth and success. It is the corporate entrepreneur that is responsible for managing the innovation within the organisation. However in the process of managing corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, there are certain major problems and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs. These include…..

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