China, Asia’s largest economy, saw a significant deceleration in the second quarter as the zero-COVID policy prompted lockdowns for major cities and supply-chain hubs. Such a decline in activity, which also reflects a prolonged and intensifying slump in the real estate sector, is likely to have sizeable spillovers on regional trading partners. Japan and Korea, the two largest regional economies integrated closely with global supply chains and China, will also see growth slow on weaker external demand and disruptions to supply chains.

But despite China’s recent slowdown, signs of a rebound in economic activity are emerging as some pandemic restrictions on mobility are now being gradually eased. The resilience of manufacturing and rebound in tourism is supporting a gradual rebound in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Pacific Island countries. (Asia Nikkei, July 2022)

The war, in Russia, the Sri Lanka crisis, the food security issues are some of the challenges faced by the region.

 You are required to prepare a 500-750-word reflective essay of the changes in the geopolitical environment that you see happening now and how the changes will affect the future of businesses in the Asian region.

Please use a choice of company or sector to develop your essay.

Answers to Above Questions

The performance of a business is largely affected by the external environment that it faces. With businesses working on a global basis, it is important for businesses to consider the geopolitical environment to which their business is directly exposed to. In the given scenario of Asian region where the Chinese economy is largely affected by its zero covid policy, and other similar issues such as war in Russia and Sri Lanka crisis on the operation of businesses in these regions. The businesses are not only affected at present, but there is a significant level of impact expected in the future of businesses in these regions. The company that is selected for the purpose of analysing the impact of geopolitical environment condition is Tencent and its business performance will be analysed considering the present geopolitical condition in the Asian region.


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