How new digital technologies have transformed businesses

1. Discuss elements of a successful digital transformation of the big old companies navigating digital transformation. In your discussion, take note of the different types of new digital technologies that have altered the businesses of big old companies.
2. Based on a company* of your choice, provide discussion and reflection on the extent in which these new digital technologies can be deployed in the organization. Please include references (including academic) to support your arguments.

Answers to Above Question on Digital Transformation

Answer 1: The modern day business environment is highly complex and demanding because of increasing technological advancements that necessitates businesses to integrate technology in all aspects of the business process. Digital transformation is therefore highly crucial for businesses in order to survive. Old organisations that have established themselves over the years are also required to transform digitally in order to meet the demands of modern day customers. The organisation selected for the purpose of analysing different elements of a successful digital transformation is Collectius CMS Sdn Bhd, and the analysis focuses on different types of new digital technologies that have altered the business of Collectius.

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