Section A –Essay Assignment Question [80%]

Explain what Business Strategic Management is for a small business firm, say in Malaysia and what can a entrepreneur do to increase the chances for a selected strategy to be successfully implemented.  Business Strategic Management is an important aspect of the contemporary business Management practices.

Highlight and critique the business issues of today that make strategic management practice a mustfor contemporary entrepreneur.

Describe the total process of Business Strategic Management by applying it to an organisation you a familiarwith. Emphasise more on the current Human Resource issuesfaced by Malaysian organisations.

Note: Greater credits will be given to a professionally written assignment well structured, graphic anddemonstrating students understanding of the relevant Business StrategicManagement and decision making skills that needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Section B – PowerPoint Presentation [20%]

Present the above assignment to Top Management by using PowerPoint at least 25 slides.

Answers to Above Questions:

Strategic management of business is highly essential in order to achieve competitiveness and success in the long term. Business strategic management is all about setting goals, procedures and objectives so that the efforts of each and every employee of the organisation can be contributed towards accomplishing those goals and objectives, and thereby in accomplishing higher overall growth and success. Business strategic management is essential for small business firms in Malaysia, and the entrepreneur of the small business can undertake significant steps in implementing strategy in a successful way….

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