A1. Explain strengths and opportunities of Boubyan Bank in driving digital banking
A2. Explain leadership from Islamic perspectives in driving digital banking
B1. Explain digital transformation strategy of Boubyan Bank
B2. Explain challenges of digital banking in Islamic banking institutions
C1. Explain the importance of digital innovations toBoubyan Bank
C2. Explain the recent development of fintech of Islamic finance industry in Malaysia
D1. Explain how Malaysian Islamic bank can adopt from Boubyan Bank in digital transformation
D2. Explain why customerssubscribe to Islamic digital banking banking?

Answers on Above Questions on Boubyan Bank Case Study

Answer 1: An analysis of the case study of Boubyan Bank indicates that there are many strengths and weaknesses identified in respect to the bank’s offering of its services. In terms of strength, the core strength of the bank is its early adoption of digital banking services within its portfolio. Apart from technological integration, another advantage identified is the user friendly interface used by the bank.


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