Question 1
In a service-oriented industry, how can managers ensure a balance between efficiency and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction? Discuss and relate to a relevant example. (25 marks)

Question 2
Explore the five (5) challenges and five (5) opportunities associated with managing remote service teams. How can organizations ensure effective communication and collaboration in a distributed service environment? (25 marks)

Question 3
Consider a scenario where a service failure occurs. How should managers handle service recovery, and what strategies can be employed to regain customer trust and loyalty? Discuss. (25 marks)

Question 4
In the context of service operations, how can organizations effectively gather and utilize customer feedback to drive continuous improvement? Provide examples of a company or companies you are familiar with that have successfully implemented customer feedback mechanisms. (25 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Organisational Management

Answer 1: The nature of the service industry makes it difficult and challenging for the service providers to manage their business properly. It is important to achieve a proper balance with respect to efficiency and maintaining a higher customer satisfaction level for the service provider to achieve success. They can achieve it by employing strategies such as providing employee training and empowering them to take important decisions, ensuring proper and clear communication, making use of technology to achieve improvement in the processes..


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