1. Supply chain management is the process of transforming raw materials into finished products and delivering these to the customers. Elaborate on this statement with appropriate examples. [25 marks]
  1. Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase the supply chain’s effectiveness of any business. Examine TWO (2) waste in supply chain operations and discuss the proactive actions to be taken to eliminate [25 marks]
  1. The above diagram illustrates the supply preferencing model. As a supply chain manager, discuss the strategies to be taken to manage each of these [25 marks]
  1. Jay is a senior buyer at an electronics He plans to provide an orientation training to his junior buyers on the importance of information in supply chain.
  • Analyse the characteristics of good information with relevant [15 marks]
  • Discuss the challenges of information technology [10 marks]

Answers to Above Questions on Supply Chain Management

Answer 1: Supply chain management is an important function within an organisation. This particular function is mainly responsible for making the availability of raw materials to transform them into finished products, and thereby ensuring the availability of finished products to end customers. This can be best understood with the help of an example. An example of Dairy Farm Group, the largest food retailer in Malaysia is considered to understand the concept of supply chain management.


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