Financial Analysis of Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad

Question 1:
Based on the financial statement , discuss in detail the:
i. Financial issues of this company and
ii. Give your recommendations or strategies areas to conduct the issues (40 marks)
Question 2:
Conclusion. Conclude how the solution to the organization and reflect on what you have learned from doing this assignment and what you are looking forward to in this study? (10 marks)

Answer to Above Question

The financial analysis of a company requires a complete evaluation of its financial performance which includes a financial statement analysis applying different analytical tools. In the given case scenario, the financial statement analysis of Ajinomoto Malaysia Berhad is carried out by way of evaluating its financial statements such as income statement and balance sheet. In addition to this, appropriate recommendations are provided in order to achieve improvement in performance over the issues identified in the given case company. My personal reflective analysis is also carried out in the form of stating the learning I have gained from doing this assignment……

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