Effective workplace communication facilitates the efficient completion of projects and builds positive bonds among co-workers. But even the most skilled communicators can encounter communication barriers. Breakdowns in communication are problematic to workplace productivity, damaging to professional relationships and can make daily duties difficult.

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ ability to discuss how strong communication skills in the workplace foster a positive work environment and provide recommendations to increase communication effectiveness in the selected organisation.


Select any ONE organisation that you are familiar with. Discuss the types of communications that exist by providing relevant examples from the chosen organisation. Analyse whether communication approaches change in uncertain conditions (such as the pandemic) in the chosen organisation. Suggest ways to increase the effectiveness of communication in the chosen organisation by overcoming barriers during pandemic and maintain a positive work environment.  [Total: 40 marks]

Part II (10%)

Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

Provide your answer and view on the following topics of discussion.

a. ‘Leadership challenges do not necessarily have to be seen in a bad light. They can provide opportunities for learning and growth’.

Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

b. One of the most essential qualities required in a manager is that he/she should command the respect of his/her team. This allows the manager to direct and control their actions. In fact, controlling is one of the more important functions. Why is control function important in any businesses or companies?  [Total: 10 marks]

Answer to Questions on Operations Management

Communication plays an important role in an organisation in order to facilitate the efficient performance of different processes. Different departments and subunits are required to communicate with each other, and it can be possible through effective communication. There are different types of communication which includes verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication, listening, visual communication and many more. The analysis focuses on selecting a Malaysian organisation and this is followed by an analysis of the types of communication that exist within the selected organisation. The ways in which communication methods can be improved in the selected organisation will also be analysed in the given paper….


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