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BPT1501 As a teacher in the school with a dual medium instruction Answers

QUESTION 1 Read the given passage below and indicate whether Ms Optimism acted professionally or not. Give three reasons to support your stance. (10) As a teacher in the school with a dual medium instruction, Ms Optimism was comfortable because she could communicate proficiently in both languages. The medium of instruction in Ms Optimism’s school were English and Afrikaans. However, in 1997 the demographics of […]

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Biography and Presentation Assignment Answers

PARTA Develop a set of ten questions to ask your chosen teacher. The questions should be about your chosen teacher’s experiences and what makes him or her a great and inspirational teacher. Remember to include well-formulated questions that are going to help you gather the information that you will need to write an insightful biography. Write down the answers to the questions you have developed. […]

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