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Business Statistics 611 Assignment Answers

Question 1: 1.1. A manufacturer of computer chips claims that less than 10% of his products are defective. When 1,000 chips were drawn from a large production, 7.5% were found to be defective. a) What is the population of interest? (2) b) What is the sample? (2) c) What is the parameter? (2) d) What is the statistic? (2) e) Does the value 10% refer […]

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STA111 Statistics Assignment Answers by Experts

Question 1 [9] A college placement office sent a questionnaire to a sample of business school graduates requesting information on monthly starting salaries. Below are the monthly starting salaries for the sample of 12 business school graduates (in dollars): 3850 3950 4050 3880 3755 3710 3890 4130 3940 4325 3920 3880 a) Calculate the mean, median and mode monthly starting salary for this sample of […]

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Statistics 102 Bachelor of Commerce Assignment Answers

QUESTION ONE [12] The following data represents the number of tests conducted in a day by employees at Sharp Labs Number of tests Frequency [50: 60) 12 [60: 70) 20 [70: 80) 9 [80: 90) 6 [90: 100) 3 Calculate the average number of tests conducted by employees in the Labs (2) Calculate the median (2) Calculate the mode (2) From 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 […]

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HBC203 Statistics and Data Analysis for the Social and Behavioural Sciences

Question 1 (40 marks) Show how statistics and data can help in our understanding of relevant issues in our daily lives by developing a research question that you would like to examine, and that could be addressed scientifically (e.g., does exercising daily help reduce depressive symptoms?). State your question and design an experiment to address your question. Limit yourself to one independent variable with two […]

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