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BLC304/03 Procurement Management Assignment Answers

1. In recent years, reverse auctions are widely used by sourcing professionals. Evaluate the benefits of the reverse auctions in a procurement process. [25 marks] 2. Negotiation is an important stage in any procurement activitiy. Examine situations where buyer’s negotiation power is strong. [25 marks] Read the case study below and answer the following questions. Adidas has 68% of its manufacturing partners in Asia The […]

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HPPS1181) Principles of Procurement and Supply Chain

Question 1: Lerato is the head of his family and is responsible for acquiring the daily, weekly and monthly groceries for his household. Lerato has a very distinctive list of groceries that he must acquire based on his family’s requirements. Lerato buys these groceries from his local grocery store, just around the corner from his home. These items include fish, lamb and honey. Scenario 2: […]

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