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Leadership and Management in Police Management

Question 1 [64] (First, read through the relevant sections in the prescribed textbook and the discussions in the study guide, then provide your own understanding of the theory for each question.) EXTRACT Leadership vs Management: Understanding The Key Difference A few years ago, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators created companies, whereas managers were hired to run their operations. But nowadays, you will notice that our educational […]

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Service Orientated Policing 101 Assignment Answers

Question 1 [10] Write a short paragraph in which you discuss the responsibilities, duties and power of members attending to a complaint of domestic violence. Question 2 [30] CASE STUDY Police Minister encourages new recruits to uphold police code of conduct Police Minister Bheki Cele told 195 new police recruits to not deviate from the police’s code of conduct as they begin their duties as […]

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POL101 Police Management Assignment Answers

Question 1  You have been promoted as a manager within your policing/law enforcement agency. As a manager you need to understand the indispensable function of organising and the obstacles to delegation within the management process. Do research on the importance of organising and the obstacles to delegation as a management function within an organisation and compile a report in which you cover the following: A […]

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