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McDonald’s teases new CosMc’s restaurant concept Assignment Answers

McDonald’s is planning to test out a new restaurant idea, called “CosMc’s.” CosMc’s is named for a little-known McDonald’s character. He is an alien. “CosMc’s is a small format concept with all the DNA of McDonald’s but its own unique personality,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said during an analyst call discussing the company’s second-quarter financial results, adding that there will be more details to share during […]

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Human Resource Development Assignment Answers

McDonalds and HRD McDonald’s is a leading global food service retailer, with more than 36,000 restaurants. It is Fortune 500 organization and it places a strong emphasis on people development. In 2005, David Fairhurst was appointed McDonald’s Vice President for People. One of his first priorities was to build the confidence and pride of the McDonald’s workforce. He gave particular emphasis to the development of […]

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MAR303B Marketing Assignment Answers

McDonald’s began as a small restaurant run by the McDonald’s brothers, with a limited menu, concentrating on just a few items – burgers, fries and beverages – which allowed them to focus on quality and quick service (McDonald’s, 2022). The McDonald’s brothers were looking for a new franchising agent and Ray Kroc saw an opportunity. In 1955, Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s System Inc., a predecessor […]

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