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TRL3707 Logistics Activities Assignment Answers

Read the article about digital supply chain management at Coca-Cola, available at the link below, and answer the questions that follow. Please note that every discussion point is worth half (½) a mark, and so a detailed discussion is required. Theory alone will not be graded. It must be combined with practical application. Use the Harvard referencing style. Questions: 1.1 Compare and contrast the transportation […]

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LOSC5122/d/p Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 20) Read the questions below and select the correct answer. There is only one correct answer for each of the questions. You can write down the question number and the correct alphabet. Q.1.1 Select the business function that has a short-term transactional approach to buying standard and frequently used products with a strategic focus. A. Supply chain management B. Purchasing. C. Finance. […]

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Principles of Logistics Management (HPLM1181) Assignment Answers

Question 1: (37 Marks) Read the scenario below, and answer the question that follows: House and Home Mary Jane, 35 years old, is an absolute fashionista and shopaholic. Mary Jane still receives a generous allowance (R25 000 p.m.) from her parents, works a stable job from (9 am – 4 pm) every week and owns multiple investments, such as retirement annuities and life policies, but […]

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LMGT6311 Logistics Management 3A: Transportation Management Answers

Read the articles below and answer the questions that follow: Article 1 Building communities today, for tomorrow’s future Setšong Tea Crafters is an Award Winning Agri-business and vehicle for the development of natural indigenous flora found in the natural landscapes of South Africa, more prominently within the rural areas of Limpopo. The enterprise stimulates the economy in a collaboration with rural cooperatives from Limpopo developed […]

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