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Systems Development 1 (HSYD100-1) Assignment Answers

Question 1 [20 marks] Write a Java Console application in which you initialize an arraylist with 10 string values. For example, 10 colour names, or fruit names, or vegetable names, or car names. Display all the values in the list in a neat tabular format. Randomly select a value from the array. Now allow the user 3 chances to guess the value. After the first […]

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Online Food Order Management System (OFOMS) – Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation

ONLINE FOOD ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (OFOMS) Section A: Program Specification SPIDERMAN ONLINE FOOD SERVICES (SOFS) is one of the fast-growing Online Food Service in Malaysia which help customer to save their time by ordering food online from their place. SOFS decided to enhance their online order services by including different kinds of dishes on one click. SOFS requires you to develop application for the OFOMS […]

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