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Information Technology Assignment Answers

Question One: A user is complaining about their PC being relatively slow as of recent, explain to the user how defragmentation can assist them in speeding up their computer. [5 Marks] What is the difference between software registration and product activation? [5 Marks] Why is spam potentially dangerous? Provide a scenario as an example to substantiate your answer. [5 Marks] Define the term, digital security […]

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E- commerce 511 Faculty of Information Technology Assignment Answers

Question 1 You have been appointed as an E-commerce expert to manage and facilitate the migration of a traditional brick and mortar store to an online E- Commerce platform. The team has asked you to assist with a few concepts relating to E- commerce. A. Explain what a payment gateway is, and the need to integrate it into the new platform (2) B. Explain 5 […]

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512 Information Systems Richfield Assignment Answers

Question 1 A program, or software, consists of a series of related instructions, organized for a common purpose, that tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them. An application, or app, sometimes called application software, consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks. Other programs, often called tools or utilities, enable you to perform […]

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Role of IT in Malaysian Food Industry Assignment Answers

In this modern day and age, Information Technology (IT) plays a big role. However, if you are not in the field of IT, you might not know just how IT touches your life. IT plays a role in a number of different fields such as education, business, healthcare, finance, transportation and many more. IT is the use of systems for storing, retrieving and sending information. […]

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