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Employee Relations and Communications Function Assignment Answers

Select a company of your choice and analyse the effectiveness of its Employee Relations and Communications function in the Human Resource Department. Your assignment will have to cover the following areas: A. Brief background of the company B. Identify 3 Employer-Employee related issues C. Analysis of the identified Employer-Employee issues D. Recommendations to mitigate and/or resolve these issues E. Evaluation of 3 existing ccompany’s initiatives […]

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HRD4801 Human Resource Development Assignment Answers

MW Africa: Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) – Technical Skills Certificate Programme  MW Africa is an innovative textile manufacturing organisation operating in Namibia. The company’s 65 employees manufacture window-covering, filtration composite and energy-related fabrics that are sold to manufacturers and wholesalers. MW Africa deals with integrated textile mills and attributes its success to its ability to respond effectively to market changes in the design, […]

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