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BBA4123 Business Accounting Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 Part A Queen started her business, Queen Yoga and Gym Centre on 1 January 2024. The following transactions occurred in March and April 2024 and was recorded by Queen to be updated into the accounts book: Date                                                               Activities Mar 1    Hired a new gym coach at RM3,000 per month. 3    Purchased gym equipment costing RM10,000 and paid RM1,500 by cash. The remaining balance […]

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BAAB1014 Business Accounting Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 Multi Cakes Sdn Bhd is involved in selling cakes. You are required to classify the following costs according to their behavior. No.   Cost items Fixed cost Variable costs Semi-variable costs   Flour         Electricity expenses         Sugar         Salary of baker         Salary of cashier         Depreciation […]

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