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ACCT2013 Basic Principles in Accounting Assignment Answers

Q1 In January 2024, Jack Chan started Champion Cleaners, a business that provides house cleaning services. The following transactions were extracted from its accounting records for the month of January 2024: Date Transactions Jan 1 Jack invested RM90,000 into Champion Cleaners. A bank account was also opened. In addition, he also brought in cleaning equipment from his previous business, valued at RM54,000. 2 Champion Cleaners […]

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HACP130-1 Accounting Principles Assignment Answers

1. You have been presented with the following information for Simple Traders for the month ending August 2019. • Inventory on hand at the end of the month was valued at R 17 400 • R 900 was still available in the petty cash box at the end of the month of August. • The business’ bank statement showed a favourable balance of R 10 […]

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