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TIPM6112 – Teaching of Intermediate Phase Mathematics Assignment Answers

Explain the link between laying a good foundation of ‘pattern and structure’ and successful algebraic thinking Explain what a ‘repeating pattern’ is and give an example Explain what a ‘growing pattern’ is and give an example Clarify the difference between procedural and conceptual understanding Define ‘functional thinking’ and explain the relevance it has to teaching underlying concepts instead of focusing on the computational aspects Design […]

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BBM205/03 Basic Accounting Assignment Help Malaysia

Question 1 a. Explain the main purpose of a trial balance. (2 marks) b. Explain the differences between a bad debt and a doubtful debt. Illustrate with the accounting treatment of each. (4 marks) c. State what is meant by the term ‘accounting policies’. (2 marks) d. Explain why both a debit entry and a credit entry are used to record each transaction. Give an […]

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Introduction to Financial Management Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 (25 MARKS) a) Najwa took a RM30,000 car loan from Mudah Bank. The bank charged Najwa 2.5%interest and requires her to pay at the end of each year for 4 years. Calculate theyearly repayment amount and complete the following loan amortization schedule. Year Beginning Value Repayment amount Interest paid Principal paid Ending Value 1 2 3 4 (10 marks) b) SejatiSdn. Bhd. had […]

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